Cops with sub-machine guns target runaway COW

5 October 2012 COPS armed with sub-machine guns patrol a street in rural Wales – in pursuit of an escaped cow.
The plucky heifer made a dash for it from Welshpool Livestock Market. It leapt over a cattle grid and ran down a busy bypass.
Spencer Rogers, who witnessed the animal’s flight from his window, said: “It just came up the road and went straight through the gate.”
A number of police attended and they were joined by farmers and an auctioneer as they tried to survey the animal’s location and degree of agitation.
A cordon was placed around the property and the road was blocked off with bystanders moved away for their safety.
Then, following some two-and-a-half hours of observation, the decision was taken to call in a police marksman to put the animal down.
As he set up station at the rear of the property to shoot the animal with a rifle, two colleagues stood ready with what appeared to be sub-machine guns, presumably in case the animal attempted to run or became angered.
The drama  happened just after 9am on Monday, October 1. The animal took a right turn and ran up Salop Road before turning down Erw Wen and continuing straight on into the back garden of a property at the bottom of Bronwylfa Road
At around 12.05pm neighbours and a small crowd were moved away from the scene while the marksman fired four shots to kill the animal.
Police confirmed the animal had caused them to fear for the safety of people in the area.
A spokesman said: “We received a report at approximately 9.10am this morning that a cow had escaped from Welshpool Livestock Market.
“The cow travelled some distance along public roads and into a residential area of Welshpool, there were concerns for the safety of the general public and police personnel together with a risk of damage to property within the area.
“The animal was located within the grounds of a private property in the Gungrog Hill area of Welshpool. A number of options to safely contain and deal with the cow were considered but none was found to be feasible and so, after seeking advice from experts, the only safe option left was to humanely destroy the animal.”
However, Julie Macleod, who witnessed the incident said the police reaction was ‘a bit over the top’.
She said: “That was awful. Why did they have to shoot it? There was no need, it was only a heifer. If it was a bull then I would understand but it’s only a heifer, it’s just cruel.”