Cascade News words and picture gallery

"Crippled by arthritis"- the waterskiing benefit cheat who claimed £140,000

6 June 2014  A BENEFIT cheat netted £140,000 claiming she had crippling arthritis – but was filmed water-skiing in Florida.  

Mum Sally Nayler jets off to Spain on daughter's passport

28 May 2014  A MUM jetted off to Spain on her DAUGHTER'S passport, even though she's 47 and white   -   and her daughter is 17, mixed race and has a distinctive afro hair style.

School day starts at 1.30pm, to cope with teenage body clocks

9 May 2014  STUDENTS will start lessons at 1.30pm every day at a school in Surrey  – to accommodate teenage sleeping patterns.

Mum jailed after boy, 4, found in squalor with 20 ferrets and 14 dogs

4 April 2014  A MUM has been jailed for child neglect after her four-year-old son was found in a house crammed with TWENTY ferrets running loose, and FOURTEEN dogs.

Saved by his boots - the man who was run over by a 10-tonne bus

25 March 2014   
A BRICKLAYER was saved by his amazing boots  -  when a 10-tonne bus ran over his feet.

ALIVE! The man speared though the throat by a steel spike

19 March 2014   MARLON Poole - who was speared through the throat by a steel spike -  has spoken for the first time of his life-or-death ordeal.

Pixie Lott's surprise performance at school

14 March 2014  Pop sensation Pixie Lott gave a surprise performance in her home town for pupils from a local school.

Edward's amazing miniature Lake District village, made of slate

13 March 2014 EDWARD Robinson has created perfect replicas of 100 Lake District buildings – in slate.

Darts ace Bobby George slashes price of his arrow-shaped mansion by £1m

26 February 2014  DARTS ace Bobby George has slashed the price of his vast, arrow-shaped, 18-bedroom mansion by £1million.

Gorgeous exterior . . . but inside Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen's £1.75m house is, er, a matter of taste

12 February 2014  LAURENCE Llewelyn-Bowen has certainly stamped his personality on this house – and now he’s put it on the market for a cool £1,750,000.

Play centre's ban on sugar drinks for diabetic kids

6 February 2014  A PLAY centre banned mums from bringing in sugary drinks for their diabetic children.

BREAKING NEWS: Five taken to hospital after gas blast in Clacton, Essex

5 February 2014  Five people have been taken to hospital following a major gas explosion in Clacton, Essex.  
One is reported to have life threatening injuries.  

Metal detector unearths Joan's wedding ring, lost 55 years ago

21 January 2104  PENSIONER Joan MacLeod has been reunited with the wedding ring that slipped from her finger FIFTY FIVE years ago.

Pandemonium as 99p shop axes its half-price sale

21 January 2014  COPS were called to calm protests after 99p shop announced a sudden end to its half-price sale.

E-cig tycoon offers £250,000 reward to catch raiders . . . and that figure's rising

10 January 2014  THE tycoon behind the Totally Wicked e-cig empire is so determined to catch raiders who attacked him at his home that he’s offering a reward of AT LEAST £250,000.

Bride sheds six stone - after she sees tubby self on wedding cake

6 January 2014  A BRIDE shed six stone after seeing her herself as a tubby figurine on her wedding cake.

I lost 23 STONE eating jelly - now I want NHS ops to fix saggy skin

19 December 2013  A MUM lost an incredible 23 stone by eating only JELLY.
But Evridiki Cruikshank, 47, is now battling with the NHS to get her saggy skin removed.

Dad who begged for job at roundabout now works ... at the same roundabout

5 December 2013  A DAD who begged for work on an Essex roundabout has come full circle – and now works there as a gardener.

Veteran has Jobseeker's Allowance halted - because he sold poppies

5 December 2013  EX-SOLDIER Stephen Taylor had his £71.20-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance halted – because he volunteered to sell poppies.

Jailed: Bride and groom who didn't speak the same language

3 December 2013   A PAKISTANI groom and his Hungarian bride were rumbled when the registrar realised they didn’t speak the same language.

Hooked on 24 cans of Pepsi a day

28 November 2013  A PEPSI addict has told how she downed TWENTY-FOUR cans a day, before finally quitting.

Not lovin' it - McDonald's customer chokes on cup of SALT sold as milkshake

14 November 2013  A MCDONALD'S  customer was violently sick when he bought a milkshake – and got a cup filled with SALT instead.

It's the twinsie - a onesie for two!

13 November 2013 AFTER the success of the onesie comes the two-person version – the twinsie.

Switch off the central heating - Darrel keeps house warm with Christmas lights

11 November 2013   HARD-UP Darrel Piper heats his house with thousands of Christmas lights.
He says it’s cheaper than the central heating.

Cops probe councillor who bought cakes for old folk

8 Novembr 2013 COPS are probing claims that a Labour councillor bought tea and cakes for old folk days before she was elected in Thurrock, Essex.

My wife's Chanel No5 perfume gives me a migraine!

4 November 2013  A MAN has revealed how he can be literally floored by the scent of a woman’s perfume.

Man who urinated on war memorial makes amends by selling poppies

1 November 2013  A DRUNK who was slammed as “despicable” for urinating on a war memorial is now selling poppies for the Royal British Legion.

Five years in jail for OAP who beat wife to death with walking stick in row over heating bill

29 October 2013  A PENSIONER who beat his 82-year-old wife to death with a walking stick after a row over the heating has been jailed.

999 operator sacked for fit of giggles

25 October 2013 
AN emergency call handler has been sacked for being too jolly.
Sue Heeney, 38, says she chuckled with a nervous 999 caller to put him at ease.

Brides misses her own wedding reception - because of appendicitis

23 October 2013   A BRIDE missed her own wedding reception and honeymoon when she was rushed to hospital for an emergency op to remove her appendix.

EXCLUSIVE PIX: Ruby Tandoh, Bake Off finalist

22 October 2013  GREAT British Bake Off contestant, Ruby Tandoh, will battle two others for the coveted title of Britain’s best baker.

Your chance to buy a lake - on eBay

17 October 2013  A LAKE that inspired William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter is up for sale – on eBay.

Boy cheats death as buggy mangled in crash horror

16 October 2013  A LITTLE boy cheated death when his buggy was crushed in a horror crash.

Susan's seven-year secret of staying young - no hot food

14 October 2013  SUPERFIT Susan Reynolds hasn’t eaten hot food for SEVEN YEARS – and she says it’s the secret of good health.

Hapless cameraman recorded anti-Semitic rant on our wedding video

10 October 2013  NEWLYWEDS were horrified by a cameraman's anti-Semitic rant on the soundtrack to their wedding video.

That takes the biscuit: Woman burglar trapped by DNA on half-eaten chocolate digestive

8 October 2013 CRUMBS! Burglar Lola Williams was trapped by DNA on a half-eaten BISCUIT.

Pub lunches for primary school kids

6 October 2013 PRIMARY pupils regularly head off to the PUB for their school dinners.

Wedded bliss for bride, 90, and groom, 98

4 October 2013 ROMANTIC couple Ted Parsons and Jean Reed have tied the knot – with a combined age of 188.

Nessie fake: Skipper comes clean over "best ever pic"

4 October 2013   THE picture billed as “the best ever taken of the Loch Ness monster” has been confirmed as a fake.